Papillion is the French word for butterfly. This particular genre of insect is a symbol with more than one connotation; beautiful but flighty and superficial (erratic flight patterns), freedom and transformation (from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly that can soar upward in flight), Here is where I dwell; on the concept of freedom and more so, transformation. All of us through out our lives are in process of transformation. Our real beauty is in our ability to transform.

Rarely do we reveal our true and inner self to others, hence the mask that all of us wear in one form or another, every day of our lives. Sadly, some of us do not know ourselves without the mask.   

Transformation 1

Again I use the symbol of the butterfly as example of transformation. This time there is a play on words. I have taken a traditional image and abstracted it without loosing the traditional aspects of the piece. For the traditionalist observer, the image is recognizable and comfortable. But, this work is taking the observer into the pathway of the abstract.


Transformation 2
The butterflies are still recognizable though somewhat abstracted.
The rest of the composition is fully abstracted.
While this piece does not diverge into non subjective abstract, it is headed in that direction.

Papillion is an example of surreal abstraction.

Transformation 1 slowly moves from the surreal toward subjective abstract.


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